Nathan Ross and the American Revolution

by Frances Applequist

Scheduled for publication in March 2020
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Excerpt from the March 10, 1780 journal entry:

      Caesar came to us with only one thin, ragged shirt, and one torn pair of trousers (‘tis obvious that Mister Bernard did not safeguard the health of his slave). ‘Twould be so hard to watch Caesar suffer through a winter with his muscles tearing the fabric of his threadbare garments, that Grandfather gave him a pair of breeches. Father gifted him a shirt. Mother gave him the extra blanket she has always kept in her room for the coldest nights. The clothing we are providing is inadequate, because no man in my family is as tall or broad across the shoulders as is Caesar.
      With her hands on her hips, Mother told Father, “With outspoken women boycotting the import of British material, I must weave cloth to make Caesar proper clothing, yet I do not have the thread I need."
      Father agreed, "As soon as supplies start coming into town, I shall procure what is required for your spinning."

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Art by Daniel Bode and Nathan Bode of Ilumin Visuals.