Nathan Ross and the American Revolution

by Frances Applequist

Scheduled for publication in March 2020

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Excerpt from the December 28, 1779 journal entry:

      The general turned to me to ask, “Mister Ross, would you like to ride Commander around the paddock?”

      I stood speechless, struggling to contain my boyish excitement. Working hard to keep my voice steady, I answered, “I thank you most kindly, Sir, ‘twill be a great honor.” With Commander standing several hands taller than Gulliver, I thanked the labors of my trade for the muscle to mount him. Before I settled into the saddle, he took his first quick, light steps. He snorted warm air from his nostrils, swished his tail, and held his head high.

      As the wind around us picked up, the stallion reared and danced. I have never known a horse to move with such pride. I could not help but wonder if I am worthy of such an animal. Now, I wish I could render how astonishing Commander is in form and movement.

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Art by Daniel Bode and Nathan Bode of Ilumin Visuals.